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Asteroid Will Hit Earth Soon Causing Tsunami. Pastor Dana Coverstone Dream. Bible Prophecy. Wormwood

NASA: A fridge-size asteroid is headed toward Earth one day before the November election. An asteroid has a slim chance of entering the Earth’s atmosphere on November 2, one day before the US election, according to NASA. Named 2018VP1, the asteroid is pretty tiny, according to NASA data. It has only a 0.41% likelihood of […]

Invasion Of America Coming. White House Attack In Prophecy. Washington DC, Missiles, Bombs In USA

Bible Prophecy says that America will be Invaded By China and Russia and the White House will soon be attacked. America is headed downhill fast and this war will lead to an economic collapse and the complete removal of the US Constitution. Invasion Of America Coming. White House Attack In Prophecy. Washington DC, Missiles, Bombs […]

Italygate: All Roads Lead To Rome. Vatican Blackout To Censor Release Of Affidavit. Stolen Election

The Italian Job: Explosive New Testimony on Dominion Election Fraud. Arturo Delia, a former IT contractor for the Italian military testified in federal court in Rome that while he was working for Leonardo, SpA in Pescara, Italy he helped rig the U.S. election against Trump by using the companies satellites; $1 billion in U.S. contracts […]

On Preparation For Camp Meeting

Register For Camp Meeting Here I have been shown that some of our camp meetings are far from being what the Lord designed they should be. The people come unprepared for the visitation of God’s Holy Spirit. Generally the sisters devote considerable time before the meeting to the preparation of garments for the outward adorning, […]

Church Authority

Summary of Spirit of Prophecy readings on the false application of church authority. I urge our brethren to unify upon a true, Scriptural basis. 17MR 306.3 We have a testing message to give, and I am instructed to say to our people, Unify, unify. But we are not to unify with those who are departing […]