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Many ministers and laity have a false understanding of Gospel Order and its proper role in relation to the work of God in preparation for the soon return of Christ. Many have been lead into sin through a clear disregard of the word of God on the subject of evil speaking and gossip. Slander and backbiting are often the result of misunderstanding, jealousy, or envy. If we would live by EVERY word of God many grievous sins that are plaguing those who claim to believe PRESENT TRUTH would be avoided. If this subject were clearly understood, there would be less church trials, strife, and discord. Also, more unity among God’s people would allow souls to be won to the everlasting gospel, rather than lost because of our spiritual blindness. Let all things be done decently in order.

ESPECIALLY should the MISTAKES of MINISTERS who are engaged in the WORK of GOD be kept within as SMALL a CIRCLE AS POSSIBLE; for there are MANY WEAK ONES who will take advantage if they are aware that those who minister in word and doctrine have weaknesses like other men. And it is a MOST CRUEL thing for the FAULTS of a MINISTER to be EXPOSED to UNBELIEVERS, if that minister is counted worthy to labor in [the] future for the salvation of souls. NO GOOD CAN COME OF THIS EXPOSURE, BUT ONLY HARM. The Lord FROWNS upon THIS COURSE, for it is UNDERMINING the CONFIDENCE of the PEOPLE in THOSE whom HE ACCEPTS to carry forward his work. The CHARACTER of EVERY LABORER SHOULD BE JEALOUSLY GUARDED by BROTHER MINISTERS. God says, “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” [1 Chronicles 16:22.] Love and confidence should be cherished. A lack of this love and confidence in one minister for another does not increase the happiness of the one thus deficient, but as he makes his brother unhappy, he is unhappy himself. There is greater power in love than was ever found in censure. Love will melt its way through barriers, while censure will close up every avenue of the soul…. GW92 94.2