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Scriptures for Gossip: Gen. 49:16,17; Jeremiah 4:15, Psalms 15:3; Titus 3:2; Ephesians 4:29; James 4:11; Revelation 14:5

VIDEO EXPLAINING GOSSIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvpTK-u_S0I

Letter to JR Cofer:

Early this morning (Friday, 12/15/17) I had a vivid dream where I was on leaning on the doorpost to the kitchen while speaking on the telephone. The person on the phone shared with me that someone had died. I then slowly began to lean more heavily on the doorpost while very slowly dropping to the floor as if an angel was slowly letting me down so that I would not hurt myself. The weeping was so intense it reminded me of the last time I had weeped in such a way, which was back when I was 17 and my best friend’s mom, grandmother, and grandfather all died on the same night due to a homicide which left 5 people dead in the house. After the dream I proceeded to pray and the Lord led me to share the following:

The Lord has given me a special work to do and I fear for the life of JR Cofer who has openly come against God’s work while I also fear for the souls of those who have been beguiled through his false representation of what “gospel order” is. I am not threatening his life. I know the God that dealt with Korah, Dathan, Eli, Hophni, Phinehas, Nadab, and Abihu is the same God who will deal with anyone that comes against His work.

JR Cofer and myself were close friends in 2008. When I had my “spiritual fall” in 2009 and openly repented and confessed of my course, I spoke on the phone with JR Cofer and he gave me counsel and stated, “The Spirit of Prophecy states that when a gospel worker has a “spiritual fall” and repents, they are to go to a new field where no one knows them and begin doing a work.” I followed this counsel that he gave me.

I was quite surprised to see him recently opposing the very work he encouraged me to do. I hope that you can see the hypocrisy in his actions. How does a man encourage someone in a certain course and then condemns them when the Lord reveals His blessing on the very work that they encouraged? It is more than evident to me that the Lord has been blessing this work that he has privileged me to do and I give him all the glory. I can take no credit to myself. God be glorified!

I hope that this letter will help to open the eyes of the blind to see the depths of sin that the human heart will indulge in when it is not surrendered to Jesus. I love JR Cofer and desire him to repent of his actions. I have tried on numerous occasions to reconcile with him with no success. For anyone to subscribe to the false teaching of JR Cofer in relation to his misunderstanding of “gospel order” would exterminate all belief in confession and forgiveness which is the very foundation of the Gospel. Cofer has demonstrated by his actions that he does not truly believe in forgiveness which is the fruit of Love. Did God forgive David who was a murderer and adulterer? Did God remove him from his position as king of Israel?

JR Cofer has sought to destroy the reputation of a fellow worker through the sin of gossip while placing it in the guise of “gospel order”, while at the same time leading thousands to sin (gossip) by publishing such material for the world to see. The sin of gossip is leavening the people of God and I fear for the life of JR Cofer. Let us pray that he repents. If you are guilty of sharing such gossip, I also would encourage you to repent and confess of your course to God. Blessings to all as we prepare for the Sabbath.

David House