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There should be many at work in what are called “irregular lines.”

It is time that church members understood that everywhere there is a work to be done in the Lord’s vineyard. No one is to wait for a regular process before they make any efforts. They should take up the work right where they are. There should be many at work in what are called “irregular lines.” If one hundred laborers would step out of the “regular lines,” and take up self-sacrificing work, such as Brother Shireman has done, souls would be won to the Lord. And the workers would understand by experience what it means to be laborers together with God. {SpM 195.5}

Can it be that our brethren think that their criticisms are the productions of the Holy Spirit? It will be found that those who are criticized have more to show for their efforts than those who criticize. The names of the humble are stamped on the books of heaven, with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of the Lord.” But opposite the name of the critics stand the words, “Thou are weighed in the balances, and found wanting.” {SpM 195.6}

You have had educational advantages. But God has not imparted His gifts to you to be used in disparaging another man’s work. The Lord has not told you to enter into another man’s field, to rob him of the influence God has given him, to show how wise you are as contrasted with him. I pray that you may be converted. Unless you are changed in disposition and spirit, the gates of heaven will be closed against you. {SpM 196.1}

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