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Are you aware of the ingredients that you are eating that are negatively affecting your brain and gastrointestinal tract? Did you know that some of the foods that you are consuming can be causing terminal diseases? This video will reveal the facts of what you need to know and how to avoid those

Counsels on Diet and Foods, Page 345 – In this fast age, the less exciting the food, the better. CONDIMENTS ARE INJURIOUS IN THEIR NATURE. MUSTARD, PEPPER, SPICES, PICKLES, and other things of a like character IRRITATE THE STOMACH AND MAKE THE BLOOD FEVERISH AND IMPURE.

Ministry of Healing, Page 300 – The use of SODA OR BAKING POWDER in breadmaking is harmful and unnecessary. Soda CAUSES INFLAMMATION OF THE STOMACH AND OFTEN POISONS THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.

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